TAA Consulting

TAA Consulting is a platform for any aspiring digital entrepreneurs in providing services at competitive prices. It can also be considered as a base for professional experts to provide answers to problems you may have in finding digital solutions.

Founded by Ikram Rasid in 2016, Taikyoku Al-Alami Consulting (TAA Consulting) offers a list of smart digital services for small and medium businesses, such as website development (including WordPress), mobile application, SEO ranking, online digital marketing & advertisement, online trading & sales, and computer programming supports & education.

At competitive fees, TAA Consulting provide an alternative choice for world class consultation service where new ideas and creative solutions are guaranteed.

Currently, TAA Consulting and Partners are embarking on several projects which include transforming existing online business into smarter and strategic digital solutions such as dynamic real-time visualisation and mobile dashboard applications.

TAA Consulting also provides consultation services in the area of Strategic Management, Marketing & Trading, Branding (and Re-branding), Commercial Restructuring, Human Resource Management, Risk Management, and Islamic / Japanese Quality Management.

Please contact TAA Consulting if you have any inquiries or interested to know about our offers. We have a long list of highly qualified professionals who are willing to work together with us in providing the best possible solutions to boost your businesses to the next level.


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