Introduction to Oil and Gas: Part 1

About two weeks ago, I presented a paper to "a curious group of students" who wanted to know about the oil and gas industry. The presentation was made online, live via google hangout and a youtube channel. I think that the event went well, and so was my performance! (Hint: If you want to hire... Continue Reading →


Proud To Be Malaysian: Personal Experience (Part 3)

Part 3: Malaysia is one of the most respected Muslim countries in The World and here is why! I have travelled to some places including most of the South East Asian countries and the Far Eastern too. There's no doubt that these countries have a lot in common with Malaysia especially if we talk about... Continue Reading →

Before The Dawn – Friday 13th

Part 1: One day, there were three people who were called Nick, Jake, and Zak. These three people went camping. Nick said, "let's go camping in the woods". Jake and Zak agreed. They drove to the woods and went out of the car. Nick, Jake, and Zak went in the woods and started camping. Nick... Continue Reading →

Throwback: “V” for Peace – Keamanan

Throwback and Republication Series – Part 1 | Article 2 | Bahasa Malaysia Article. (Written by: Ikram Rasid on 2nd April 2009) PEACE, KEAMANAN SEJAGAT - APAKAH SUMBANGAN KITA SEBAGAI RAKYAT? Assalamualaikum dan Salam Keamanan, "People should not be afraid of their governments. Governments should be afraid of their people" (Rakyat tidak sepatutnya takut akan kerajaan. Kerajaanlah yang... Continue Reading →

Chronological Order: 1992-2004 (Bosnia-Serb War, Asian Financial Crisis and The Aftermath)

This is 'The Chronological of Events' from 1992 to 2001 (and extended). This is a classic case of "From Hero to Zero", but who knows, it can turn out to be "From Zero to Hero" again very soon (if you know what I mean?) *sigh* So, please go figure and connect the dots. These facts... Continue Reading →

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