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IkramĀ Rasid 40, is a self-starter – an aspiring entrepreneur who likes to write about anything that interests him from education to economy, even comedies or shares his knowledge in web development.

In 2002, Ikram started off his career in the petrochemicals industry as an Executive at PETRONAS. Before that, he enjoyed arts and philosophy, computer programming (PASCAL, Micro Processing, and COBOL), robotic concepts (AI system), and observed Japanese culture as a student at Sendai National College of Technology and Oita University, both in Japan (1997-2002).

In March 2012, he obtained an MBA (International Marketing) from the Graduate School of Business (GSB) – National University of Malaysia (UKM). This had been achieved despite his active involvement in some significant projects for the company and nation at the same time.

However, nothing can stop someone from doing what is best for the most extended term, which in this case was to take care of his family.

In July 2014, he made a surprise decision by resigning from the company that he loved working for, to accompany his wife who must complete her Ph.D. in Medical (Cardiovascular) Sciences at the University of Glasgow, Scotland, U. K.

His best friend once said, “What you are about to do is a big leap of faith, so remember to ask Allah s.w.t. for His Guidance always!”

Around the end of August 2014, Ikram was offered a position as Senior Analyst (North-West Europe) at The Petrochemicals Standard (TPS), London and he accepted the offer with the condition that he could perform all the tasks from home.

Later in the mid-2015, he turned himself as a digital freelancer involving start-ups in digital consulting, marketing, corporate strategies, advertisement, and computer application development. By the 3rd quarter of 2016, he was offered a position as Managing Director of Petrochemicals from Athos Risk, an American based analytics and digital solution company, encouraging ideas and creativity to be developed from home.

Since then he never looked back. Working from home gives the opportunity to repair all the mistakes that he had done in the past (for not being there). The family is a sacred responsibility that no one should take for granted, even if you are aiming to be a successful entrepreneur!

So, as a father, a husband, a son and the eldest brother of ten (10) siblings – he still believes that one should embrace the trust given while one can. The faith given should not be broken, and to be held close to hearts forever.

His only advice to readers out there who wants to join the mission on seeking the truths (i.e. successes in this world and hereafter), please remember our One and Only Creator, Allah all the time.

(UPDATED) In February 2018, Ikram rejoined Petronas Chemicals Group Berhad (PCGB) on 1-year contract to contribute in the area of Marketing Strategy Development exercises for various projects. He is still part of Athos Risk (on a part-time basis) adding his expertise in petrochemicals and digital strategies.

May Allah Guide us all to the straight path.