A long time ago, there was a legendary Pokemon called Arceus. Arceus was the guardian of fire, water, grass and standard types. There was also Dialga and Palkia guardian of time and space. Hoopa was master of rings and portals. Lugia was the guardian of flying types, and Latios and Latias were the guardians of dragon types.


Part 1:

One day, there were three people who were called Nick, Jake, and Zak. These three people went camping.

Nick said, “let’s go camping in the woods”. Jake and Zak agreed. They drove to the woods and went out of the car. Nick, Jake, and Zak went in the woods and started camping. Nick was just getting some sticks. Jake and Zak were setting up a camp. When Nick went back to the camp, he threw all the sticks on the ground. Nick used his lighter to lit up a fire, and it worked. Jake brought some marshmallows to eat, and Zak brought some fishes to grill as well.

Chapter 1: Menser Family

Once upon a time, Calfee was in the castle playing with his family. He was a charming young boy who loves to try new things. He had a cat called Aboo. His cat can speak the human language because Aboo was once a human who was cursed into a cat. Calfee also had a little brother called Caesar. Caesar was younger than Calfee and Aboo, but no one knows how old Aboo was. Caesar guessed that Aboo was about 15 years old, but Zarena told Calfee that Aboo should be more than 100 years old! Only Caesar believed Zarena.

Chapter 1: The Journey

Nick Atom does not believe in ghosts. Nick Atom is strong, majestic and loves archery. Nick Atom’s hair is blue and spiky. His eyes are blue, and he wears a red shirt and blue jeans. Nick Atom is 21 years old and knows how to drive.

Happily, Nick Atom was packing to travel to his best friend’s house. He is called John Price. He is going to have a holiday with his friend. Atom will be staying at John Price’s house for a month.