Save Palestine

Great grandparents of young Palestinians today had allowed ungrateful refugees from Europe to settle in their homeland 70 years ago, in return, they are now chased out from their homeland, by the refugees.

Then, now, the refugees self-proclaim themselves as owners of illegally possessed land and behave like they own the land. They keep trying hard to prove this illegitimacy by propagating their one-sided views via western controlled media and pressuring their proxies worldwide.

These amazingly shameful but very dominant and confident refugees, who don’t have any shame whatsoever, seizing Palestinian lands, rewarding the cowards and seeking “normalisation” agenda worldwide.

The so-called impartial united nations (UN) has been very supportive of their actions since day one, leaving the Arabs and those who are supporting the Palestinian with very limited choice, more often than not, only one choice; in the end, to give in to those tyrant self proclaim owners of illegally possessed lands of the Palestinians.

But there is one special land, owned, not by the Palestinians.

It is called, the Al Aqsa Mosque. This is a very sensitive land, passed down to our generation from our beloved Prophet Muhammad saw and his sahabah (companions), since more than 1400 years ago. It is a worship place, shared peacefully with others, when Muslims were in control over the lands around the Al Aqsa Mosque. This sacred land, is not owned by Palestinians alone, mind you. It is the holy land, owned by the Muslims worldwide, and its surrounding is blessed by Allah, only when it is still under the protection of the Muslim nations.

But, when the believers worship in the House of Allah, peacefully, and then attacked unceremoniously, by the self proclaim illegal and tyrant security forces, who not only occupied the land of Palestinians but wish and dream to also occupy the holy land of the Muslim Ummah.

Therefore, this is the sensitive line you see why this matter escalated to the way it is now.

The ignorant western journalists ask their readers and viewers, why the tensions escalate in the illegally occupied land of Palestine (I do not want to mention the name of an illegal nation or country)? My answer is simple, “please do not touch the land of all Muslims.” That is when even people in Gaza would retaliate. That is when, people in Indonesia would get upset, even if not all of them.

You see, when you kill the women and children or making them widows or orphans, that could already spark tensions, as it is already cruel on its own. But, to add fuel to your arrogant behaviours, you send mortars, gasses, bullets and stormed into the Al Aqsa Mosque during the holy month of Ramadhan, while limiting the Muslims from visiting the place most times! That is when you created a sensation at the wrong time and place, angering the Muslims worldwide.

You see, Muslims are peaceful people by nature. But, they are also sensitive, such as matters related to their faiths. If someone purposely targets these matters to invite conflicts and battles, what kind of a person you think he or she is? The same goes when Charlie Hebdo purposely frustrates Muslims by drawing cartoons of our beloved prophet, the same goes when you purposely attack worshippers in Al Aqsa Mosque during Ramadhan.

Not only you haven’t apologised, but you arrogantly continue attacking civilians and spread lies throughout mankind.

Remember, Allah swt said in Holy Quran verse Al Isra, ayah 4-7:

“And We warned the Children of Israel in the Scripture, “You will certainly cause corruption in the land twice, and you will become extremely arrogant.” (4)

“When the first of the two warnings would come to pass, We would send against you some of Our servants of great might, who would ravage your homes. This would be a warning fulfilled.” (5)

“Then after your repentance, We would give you the upper hand over them and aid you with wealth and offspring, causing you to outnumber them”. (6)

“If you act rightly, it is for your own good, but if you do wrong, it is to your own loss. And when the second warning would come to pass, your enemies would totally disgrace you and enter the Masjid (Al Aqsa) as they entered it the first time, and utterly destroy whatever would fall into their hands.” (7)

Allah has warned you not to be arrogant and do injustices on the land after He had helped you from the enemies like during the past wars. Now, when He had aided you with wealth and power because Allah loves to help the weak and needy, you became arrogant and do mischievous acts on earth.

Then, after you have done this for the second time, Allah has promised in the Holy Quran, that “your enemies” (doesn’t mean that they are bad people) will enter the mosque, like they have entered the last time, destroying what you have possessed before.

So, this is the last chance, as Allah said, if you want to peacefully co-exist with others, you have to do good. Return the lands and homes of the Palestinians, and let them continue to live there peacefully with you, and install a justice system immediately.

I hope that this can be done. Diplomatic discussions should begin immediately and there should be a two-state solution to this. Because, as I said, Muslims naturally are peaceful and forgivable ummah. They can consider forgetting the past misbehaviour of your grandparents, occupying their lands if you can fulfil your promises and let the Palestinians return to their lands.

But I guess, your dream is beyond taking over the land. It is far greater than just occupying Palestinian lands.

It is beyond the past cruelty of your predecessors and allies. It must have been thousands of years of hatred, which you have sown against the rest of Arab worlds and Muslims generally.

If this continues, we Muslims leave to Allah’s hand our fate.

Only from Him we came, and to Him alone, we shall return.