Draco Orion and The Orion’s Amulet

Chapter 1

About ten thousand years ago, there was an amulet that could control every being in the whole universe. That amulet was called The Orion’s Amulet. According to the legend, it was one of the strongest amulets in the entire world. Everybody wanted the amulet.

As the rumours say ‘There is one element in the amulet that could destroy every realm, and it is one of the most catastrophic elements in the whole universe‘. The element is known as The Orion Element. Everybody knew that the only man that could control the amulet was Orion Plus. Orion is the descendant of the Kings, but nobody wanted to believe it was true.

Nobody wanted to believe that he was a descendant of the Kings because, at that moment, the man who ruled the Element Realm was James Eternity. Orion was only a guard for James. But still, James did not know Orion had the Orion’s Amulet.

But after James died, Orion had heirs. The boys’ name was Dark Orion and Light Orion. These two boys hated each other even though Orion asked them not to fight. Soon enough, another heir to the Orion’s house was born. Orion named him after James Eternity. The third boy’s name was Eternity Orion.

After a while, their father, Orion died, and they were left orphans. So, they made an oath that they would be kings, and each one of them would be ruling each separate realm. The Nightmare Realm, The Dream Realm and the Orion Realm. Each three of them controlled each realm. Dark would control the nightmare realm, while Light was given the dream realm and Eternity was happy with the orion realm.

As years past, a war happened. The war was called The Great War I. The war was started by the heir to the King Michael Jackson. Michael hated the Orions, so he started a war to eliminate them. Michael eventually won the war.

Two hundred years later, all three Orions died, and only an heir survived for all the realms that they controlled. Until now the realms are still in the universe lost somewhere where nobody could find it. Only an heir to the Orion’s can.

“Okay, that’s all, for now, class,” said Professor Solar.

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