Our World Needs A Leader

Let’s start this article by wishing our Chinese friends a “Happy Chinese New Year!”

We say this because we live in Malaysia where ethnic Chinese represents close to 30 per cent of the population. And Malaysia has warm relationships with countries celebrating the lunar new year.

Malaysian leaders were celebrating Chinese New Year in 2019 proving that the country is moving towards the right direction as a modern and moderate Muslim nation.

But Malaysia has no relationship with the only self-proclaimed state in the Middle East. Ironically, this very state has claimed itself as European, although its location is in Palestine.

We all know that Malaysia does not have any diplomatic ties with this Jewish state, although, after nearly 70 years now, Malaysia has finally admitted that a two-state solution is the only best way forward for the Palestinian problem. We all also know that it is evident for Malaysia to side with Palestine, not because the majority of Palestinians are Muslims, but because Malaysians are very true to uphold justice and fairness.

Other than lamenting that the UN has been used by a few superpowers like the US, Dr. Mahathir has also been critical towards Israel, championing the Palestinian cause everywhere, especially at the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA). He perhaps remembers how former PLO leader Yasser Arafat, strived towards peaceful negotiations in the Middle East, and also how he had failed.

Malaysia is indeed a small nation. However, Malaysia has not failed to openly criticise any wrongdoings of the other fellow members of the world order if they realised that something was not right. As a Malaysian myself, I find that wars in the Middle East are originated from many factors, be it politically, culturally or materially. But, one thing that I cannot deny is when Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir said during his speech at the UN General Assembly, that the main problem to the unstable Middle East and also the rising so-called “terrorism” since 2001 was the formation of Israel in an Arab’s Palestinian land.

We might need a whole year to debate about the Palestinian cause. But this blog entry invites readers to ponder on the most recent “5th International Holocaust Forum (or Rememberance Day)” in Jerusalem. This magnificently huge event was not in the radars of Muslims, because they either do not care, nor they are busy with their domestic problems. The Muslims have been disintegrated from reality and now are living in a fantasy land called materialism and egotism.

More than 20 top leaders of the Western world have attended the forum, and more than 80 leaders from various Jewish organisations have also participated the 5th event, commemorating 70th year after the “unfortunate historical tragedy, befallen onto the Jewish community” before, during and after the World War 2.

If you have time, please discover the forum, and you will realise that the trend is worrying. It is moving fast towards the prophecied hadiths by our beloved Prophet PBUH. Even to a certain extent, if we read the predictions in the old testament, and other ancient Abrahamic scriptures, we foresee a worrying trend towards the inevitable fate of Muslims worldwide.

This forum has attracted more than 20 western heavyweight leaders. There could be more western leaders joining, and I noticed that they are the most prominent individuals including from the super five of post-WWII order, such as Britain, the United States, France and Russia. Despite that Russia’s participation has created an issue, this forum emerged as a potential disruptor in the current and future global political order.

Leaders from the US, Russia, France and Great Britain were seen sitting together when officiating the “5th International Holocaust Rememberance Day.”

There is one exception to the whole equation so far when a communist but capitalist China did not attend or perhaps was not invited. No one has explained why China was not invited, but probably China has been busy dealing with other issues like Trade War and Wuhan Virus Outbreak, or perhaps China does not care much about the survivability of Israel due to their lack of understanding about Abrahamic religions.

I have no qualms against any summits, meetings, congregations or forums for whatever causes that the organisers may want to achieve. I am also a proponent of peace and harmony. This is because I have lived in a multiracial and multireligious country since I was born, and I have also been to other places like Japan, England and Scotland. Therefore, living in a harmonious environment is my ultimate hope, eternally.

Is it or is it not quite coincidental for the KL Summit 2019 to be held a month before the “5th International Holocaust Rememberance Day” event in Jerusalem? But more importantly, it is for us to analyse the sequence of events that have unfolded since then.

However, I too must admit that we are at an extraordinary juncture of human’s history. We have started from the era of Adam and Eve, and now human Civilization has grown to trillions in number, but dwindling in term of trusting with each other.

One thing for sure, Israel would want all the big powers to side with them so that they can continue doing what they do best, without any objections nor any implications be it legally or militarily.

The noble idea of that forum is to remind ourselves that peace is vital moving forward. We do not want the same “holocaust” nightmares which haunt many victims of the past and their generations to happen to others. But based on the speeches by the leaders who attended the forum, it sounds biased towards protecting a specific group of people. It is about making anti-semitic as a significant threat to the world. Even if it is for the sake of propaganda, I think, it has already achieved its summit and perhaps now, prepared themselves to rule over other smaller mountains only if God permits.

It is sensible for a legitimate leader like Tun Dr. Mahathir to meet other democratically elected leaders from Palestine such as during the KL Summit 2019. This picture shows a delegation from Palestine meeting him at the Prime Minister office in Putrajaya, Malaysia.

Deep inside us, we are sure that the world is in chaos, despite its seemingly peaceful surface. Within it, a tiny nation called Malaysia seeks prosperity in its economy and security. It is a daunting task when all other countries have started to shift towards the right end of the political spectrum. Multilateralism is failing quite rapidly when media moguls are flashing their wild cards to salvage the Western Civilization, which is undeniably corrupted with greed and arrogance. There’s little room left for tiny nations like Malaysia to avoid faltering into the abysmal conflict between the East and the West, and between the truth and the falsehood.

We are being extremely cautious to even in doing nothing. We have to be generous when our fellow Muslims in other countries are persecuted and tortured. Some had to even leave their homelands and seek new dreams in a foreign land, particularly in the west, where the majority are from the right-winged extremists who don’t condone to welcoming immigrants. What more embracing the truths behind a global migration epidemic.

Muslims leaders and thinkers were seen praying together during recently held KL Summit 2019 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The world is really in bad shape. Novel contagious viruses keep coming, one after another, making people forget about the fatality rates of HIV, cancer and other diseases. Global warming is no longer an issue. It has become a realistic threat, burning our hope for a greener future. No one has put much work on a global scale in solving any of these problems, more significant than the budget for military spending of the US or China. None of the world leaders has understood what is more important than banning anti-semitism, but a very little few.

We cannot become an anti of any race or any religion, to be fair. We cannot just have to be loving and caring for every one of us, but we must also understand why some people feel angry towards us. If we ignore the feelings of the oppressed, especially the Palestinians, we could probably, in the end, fall into traps set by the devils. We must avoid this trap at all cost, even until there’s no other way out.

At 94 years of age, Tun Dr Mahathir has become a revered figure in the international political arena, especially in the Muslim’s world. If our world needs a “guided leader” or an Imam who is rightfully guided by Al Quran and Hadith, and surrounded by truthful and honest advisors, it could be none other than him, until when another leader emerges. Only God knows when and how.

Malaysia has proven itself as a peaceful nation for the whole world to see. Why it is so golden, you think? It is because Malaysia is a Muslim majority country with mixed races and religions. Malaysia had never fallen into the devil’s trap, but probably once or twice, where it was contained with very minimal impact.

Since the inaugural KL Summit of December 2019, Malaysia’s leaders have been in a spotlight, not by the media owned by a selected few arrogant westerners, but by the Muslims who have searched their souls within the alternative mode of information streams. Muslims, in general, if they are true to their principles and faith, are sympathetic towards their fellow brothers and sisters in Palestine.

If there were really enemies out there trying to destroy Malaysian dreams during the 1997 Financial Crisis, post Bosnian War and Malaysian tiger economy era; that very enemies probably couldn’t believe to see with their very own eyes that these two honorable gentlemen, returned to the mainstream global political arena with a big smile!

Therefore, it is of utmost importance for the Muslim World to appoint a leader to plead for their cause in the future, towards the revival of Islamic Civilization.

Malaysia is a unique place, with a Muslim leader at the helm, steering the whole country towards what it called as the former glorious period of Malaccan Sultanate Empire. It is currently on the mode of uniting its citizens towards one goal, despite their differences in many aspects of life. With that one goal of justice and fairness, a Muslim leader is expected to lead the whole world with similar value, which uphold equal and equity of opportunity to live in harmony and peacefully.

As someone who has been groomed during the golden era of Malaysian booming economy in the 1990s, DS Azmin is one of future potential top leaders of Malaysia and this cannot be tolerated by some. With Anwar and Azmin at the helm as number one and two, Malaysia could once again return to a roaring path, and the world is set to see how a beaten tiger can leap with a vengeance; and Tun Dr Mahathir can safely sit at the back seat, as an honoured statesman and an advisor. Not only for Malaysia, but for the whole Muslim ummah and future generations to follow.

That leader is none other but Tun Dr. Mahathir bin Mohamad, with the support of his next in line leaders including the honourable DS Anwar and DS Azmin.

Once all of us in Malaysia accept this, only then we will prosper, God Willing.

We must not let our guards down. We must continue to strive for justice and ensure that there’s no room for any fitna to emerge, because it is of the devils’ interest to fail us all, from achieving the highest goal, which is the revival of our Civilization… Which has already been prophecied to begin from the Eastern part of the Muslim world. InshaAllah (God Willing).