Counter Propaganda

I have to urgently write this article to answer a few questions posed by the Muslim netizens who are becoming more and more vulnerable to fitna.

I am not a fan of eschatology, but I feel obliged to answer some leading questions about the strategic importance of KL Summit and some other events that had happened to the Muslim Ummah. Moreover, the incidents that took place in Iraq and Syria recently have sparked widespread protests across the Muslim world in the Middle East, at least, the major ones, if not all.

There was another authentic hadith about the end of time when the Angel Gabriel asked Prophet Muhammad PBUH about the signs of qiamah or armageddon; he said that one of the final signs before the big signs is that Arabs are competing with each other to build very tall buildings.

Since these events unfolding, western scholars use authentic and non-authentic Islamic scriptures to propagate or influence the ummah. One of the most famous propaganda was using the argument that if the Muslims fought and died in the name of defending their nations or native lands against the communists, such as in the case of Afghanistan versus the Soviet, then they will be rewarded with 700 virgins in paradise.

Real Muslim scholars know that this is not true. No one can be certain whether they will be a martyr or a shaheed after they have fought a war because it depends on the intention of participating in a war. Who caused the war to happen, and why did it happen? What more if they committed suicide in the process of killing innocent people? No one can guarantee a martyrdom. Only Allah and His Prophet know who would be granted martyrdom in the name of Islam.

It is not a coincidence that the tall building near Kaaba in Mecca, as prophecied by Prophet Muhammad PBUH is showing the “clock” which also mean the time or end of time, in Arabic.

So, due to some unfortunate events that have occurred of late, the western Muslim and non-Muslim scholars are using below hadith to create a sense of hope that “some kind of treaty with the western world” is about to happen soon.

I am not sure why this understanding arises in the first place, but if you read below hadith, they probably might have a point. They could even use it as a tool to galvanise the Muslim ummah on the western side instead of the east.

Auf bin Malik reported: “I came to the Prophet, Allah blessed him and granted him peace, during the battle of Tabuk while he was in a leather tent, and he said: ‘Count six things before the last hour: my death, then the conquest of Jerusalem, then the pestilence that will overtake you like the disease of cattle, then the excess of wealth, so much that when a man shall be given a hundred dinars, he shall remain dissatisfied, then revolution from which not a single house in Arabia shall be spared, then a treaty between you and the Westerners (Banu Asfar – the Romans), but they shall cheat you and march against you under 80 banners with 12000 soldiers under each banner. (Bukhari)

The above hadith had laid out very important chronological of events which the eschatology scholars have just figured out recently.

Let’s summarise the prophecied events based on the above hadith. According to the Prophet PBUH, the end of times will not happen until the following events occurred:

  1. Death of our beloved Prophet Muhammad PBUH.
  2. Conquest of Jerusalem.
  3. Disease or outbreak overtake the ummah.
  4. Excess of wealth.
  5. Revolution in Arabia (Middle East).
  6. Treaty with the Westerners.
  7. In the end, the Westerners cheat the Muslims and march against them with 80 banners (or flags).

According to the above sequence, Muslim scholars in the West believe that we are now in the phase of “entering a treaty with the west.” They say that because, after the Arab Spring, we need to sign a treaty with the west and fight against a common enemy (but they did not specify this common enemy).

After the fall of Ottomans, the western powers have occupied the vast land area of Muslims, including the Arabian peninsula.

I am all supportive of that idea because the best thing to do is to sign a peace treaty with all parties, and not only with the west. Muslims should befriend with all parties, including the west.

But my problem now is with the last event that will occur after the treaty was signed, which is that “the west will cheat you and march against you with 12,000 soldiers under one flag.

This is a crucial point. Are we already at this stage, or are we before the scene of a treaty?

We must remember that the first three events are apparent and it’s already part of our history. However, to understand the remaining events, one must also understand history. We must clearly define the difference between the Romans of Prophet’s era, and the Romans of the modern era.

The positioning of US assets and bases in the Middle East is enough to prove that the western world has long signed peace treaty pack with the Muslim nations. These bases increased over the years since WWII and multiplied during the era of Cold War.

Another question to ponder, have these events already been fulfilled or still, we are at some point before it could happen?

As a Muslim, we must believe in all authentic hadiths. It is the second most holy scripture after the Quran.

So, where we are now between the events of “excess of wealth” and “the betrayal of the western world against the Muslim ummah?

My understanding is different, yet worth considering.

I believe that “the excess of wealth” is during the height of Ottoman Empire where at one point, the riches were not satisfied to just having pieces of land, and wanted to have more and more properties, dinars, dirhams and later making the empire weakened and collapsed because they had fallen to their lust and greed.

This is totally against the idea that “the excess of wealth” era is now because the majority of Muslims nowadays are in different situations (than hundreds of years ago). Some of them are among the poorest, who could be easily satisfied with just a spoon of food. What more if they were given 100 dinars (gold coins)? So, that era has already been passed.

The next is “revolution”. I believe that the era was after the Ottoman Empire has just collapsed. Arabia became revolutionised, and nations after nations emerged such as Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain, Qatar and many more. It did not happen before the collapse of the caliphate, but it happened, and this era has touched all Arab worlds, and they had no choice but to accept it. Arab Spring cannot be considered as the revolution (that has entered into all Arabs home), as it mainly spreads within the northern part of the Middle East.

The liberals in the western world are the proponent of defending the rights of Muslims to practice their religion, although ironically, some ideologies of the liberals are not suitable for Islam such as LGBT or pluralism.

Then, “treaty with the westerners” is during the cold war against the communists. At that time, the western world is very friendly towards the Muslims, and they did all they could to provide us with all that we need. If we required weapons, they would give. If we needed education, they would teach. If we needed money, they would print. As long as we are with them against the communists, we are their friends.

And then, September 11th, 2001 happened. Islamophobia started to become the world’s most popular fitna. Muslim ummah became the targets, and the western world started to feel uneasy with the long-standing friendship. It seems that, sooner or later, this treaty will be broken, somehow or rather. The trusts have eroded, and the newer generation of western leadership are aligning towards the right.

Green coloured nations represent some of the Muslim countries during the era of the Cold War. During this era, the Muslims were friendly towards the Western Bloc, but are not part of the Western Alliance. Most Muslim countries were part of the non-aligned movement called NAM. The Muslims also have their organisation called the OIC.

That is why I have a strong feeling that somehow the Muslim Ummah has to face the reality that far-right movements in the western world are gaining momentum, even if we are trying to deny its existence. They have won elections in most of their countries, and we have heard similar rhetoric around the western spheres. Liberals are losing their touch, and soon, will be wiped out from the mainstream political scenario in the western world.

So, that is why KL Summit was held for. It was held to address the issue of Islamophobia, and I could sense that, despite all of our efforts for peace, there would be agendas from the far right-wing movements which could be in the end realise the prophecy made by our beloved Prophet Muhammad PBUH.

If this would become the truth in the future (because hadiths are considered as the truths or from God’s revelation), then the Muslim nations must be united and be prepared for the worst.

I am not a proponent of wars, and I wholeheartedly oppose wars, in any form or any kind. I oppose any economic type of wars including sanctions, trade wars and many other methods of economic wars. I also object to cyber wars and propaganda wars.

Therefore, KL Summit is a platform to unite all Muslim Nations before the trials and tribulations are getting much worse in the future.

However, when the time is getting closer, day by day, towards the realisation of prophetic events, we as Muslims must be prepared for the worst, that is all I want to say to our friends out there.

To answer some of my friends who believe that we are at the stage of signing a treaty with the western, I hope we can do so.

I hope we can do so as soon as possible.