Another Theory

Conspiracy theorists believe that hidden powers are controlling powerful countries by proxies. Not only the conspiracy theorists propagate this unpopular belief, but there are some world leaders think the same way as these theorists do. There are only a few of these leaders exist, but many have long gone from the arena.

Conspiracy theory is about thoughts that are derived from mere observation or conceptual analysis of limited data or unconfirmed information. It will remain as theory until proven right or otherwise.

I do believe in some conspiracy theories out there, but I’d like to have a different version which is quite unfathomable to some. For us to understand this theory, we must first determine the two central dogma in the analysis of geopolitics. My methodology is straightforward but can be considered as abnormal to many people.

There are some artefacts which have been used to understand the belief systems of some great Civilizations such as Romans, Persia and Islamic. This painting was explaining the story of how Iblees defied God’s command to prostrate to Adam, purely based on the imagination of its painter.

The first is about understanding the root cause of evil, and the second is to understand the struggle in overthrowing the tyranny of evildoers. It is as simple as understanding evil and good.

Even though we have identified the two main actors who are impacting the events that have unfolded or about to happen around us, we must also understand how the history is written, and what are the truths from our past. Some historians do not reveal (real) facts that are irrelevant to their studies. But, the unchecked version of history could plausibly be the truth despite being passed down from generations to generations as verbal evidence.

Take the story of human’s creation as an example. The scientists or historian ignored the story of Adam and Eve, who are the most influential figures in the dogma of good. The same faction who believes the story of Adam and Eve, also believes that their enemies are in the lurking to destroy faiths towards God from their belief system.

I have learnt that by frequently asking “why” could lead me to inconsistent storylines. Hence, the uncertainty of ascertaining hidden agenda behind each dot where those dots if understood correctly, could lead me to a more significant discovery. One must know that the ability to identify the critical points is a natural human’s instinct. But, the ability to distinguish between the right sample of points than the noises is not normal.

So, how do we understand the difference between good and evil? It depends on the context of your beliefs and the situation that you are in.

I do have my principles to determine the beginning and end result of a good storyline. I also understand the objectives and determination of the evildoers who want to eliminate the characteristics of good from humanity at any given opportunity to them.

An artist’s impression of the historical event which took place in heaven where Adam and Eve were caught eating fruits from the forbidden tree.

My theory is that Syaitans (Satan), in particular, the enemies of goodness have one main objective that has been passed down to their generations after generations. That is, “to prove that human being is lesser than them.”

Why did they have this agenda in the first place? It was because God asked them to prostrate towards Adam, although God just created him from clay.

“Clay? God created a being from clay, and now He asked me to prostrate to that being who is lifeless, laying on the ground, unable to speak, to see, to think, to breath, to walk, to even do anything?” asked Syaitan’s top leader with the name of Iblees (Lucifer), or Azazel – his original name.

Then, Iblees defied and disobeyed God. Iblees was cursed and thrown out from heaven to hellfire. He asked God if his life could be extended (because if he is sent to hellfire, he must have been dead already)? God granted his request, and he is the only being who had been given a temporary long life since Adam time until the end of the world.

Paganism, among others, is a belief system that the statues of Gods made from clay or stones could be used as an alternative medium to seek what the idolaters or pagans want in their life.

To some, this story is a belief. To the unbelievers, this story is just a legend.

But, I do believe that this is a critical underlying principle of human’s history. In this masterpiece storyline, one must understand that God is the main focus of the storyline. God is the Almighty King, who has created a being from clay, and there was His subject who dared to disobey after He asked all of them to prostrate to Adam, the father of earth made beings, the humans.

What do you think Iblees felt after he was cursed and guaranteed a place in hellfire, forever and ever? He was the highest-ranked angels before Adam was created, right?

That is the main point, which we, the believers, must always remember. Iblees have pledged to God, after being granted all of his request for longer lifetime, that he will try his very best to deceive Adam, Eve and all of their children until the end of times.

God answered that, only those who are ignorant and distanced themselves from God (that can be deceived by Iblees and his followers), but not those who have knowledge of the truths and strive towards God.

The worst thing that could happen to humankind is to fall into Iblees trick, such as believing that a golden calf could provide humans with what they need and want in life (such as gold/money and food on the table).

Since then, Iblees and his followers try at their very best to bring us all astray from the straight path.

The first significant thing that he wanted us to do is to go astray, the way he had mistakenly done himself (towards the only One God) thousands of years ago (by not prostrating to the appointed leader of the world).

Now, after that memorable episode, God had asked Adam only to pray and prostrate to God alone. God warned Adam, as the newly appointed leader of the world to not associate God with others, as God is One and do not need and does not have any partners. Adam obeyed, and so he passed down from generations to generations that humans must pray only to God, and never associate Him with other beings.

But you know, Iblees is an evil being who could never forgive Adam and his children for his own mistake. He thought to himself that, “I had to prostrate to Adam who was lifeless and made of clay before, and now I want to make all human beings to also prostrate to a lifeless clay made statue, from their own hands, so that they could become my followers (in the hellfire) too. Then with this, I can prove to God, how weak these humans are, and how stupid they have become, because they disobey God, and prostrate to the lifeless being which I will never ever prostrate.”

It is natural that God wants to see who amongst us are the righteous ones. God is testing us all human being, and God is the All-knowing and All-wise. It was because God knows that Iblees was a vengeful being, who was full of hatred and egos in his heart, that made God tested him the way he was tested. Ironically, all other angels prostrated and followed the order from God.

The human being, historically are prone to fall into Iblees tricky persuasion towards making them as slaves of themselves, rather than the servant of God. While God is overseeing us all from above, Iblees is trying hard to deceive human beings to any imagination that could be detrimental towards proving his ego was right, that we, humans are mere weaklings who could only prostrate to either clay made idols, fictional gods or Iblees himself. May the true One God save us all from Iblees tricks and deceptions.

This is the most compelling storyline we must understand within the dogma of good versus evil. It is very important (for us to understand it) to the level where in understanding the other aspects of knowledge, one must also understand the logic behind certain beliefs, such as the existence of heaven and hell. Why are there similar understanding of heaven and hell amongst multiple faiths across the globe if the existence of heaven and hell is only a fairytale?

We are moving towards the end, where the Iblees has very little time left for him to prove himself, which the storyline, will not allow him to get any of his egos satisfied.

The storyline has already been written – from the beginning until it’s very ending. It is written in the Holy Quran. We have to read the Quran from cover to cover, to understand the whole storyline. We are just living to the storyline, and we must try our very best, to become the characters that are the good-doers as foretold in the Quran, and not to become the evildoers. Right minded humans surely do not want to be categorised as evildoers in this very long story of mankind!?

Once you have understood this basic principle of understanding these two sides within the dogma of life, then I could tell you how to use these basic principles of creed, in understanding the mystery of conspiracy theories out there.

God Willing, until the next article.