Ummah Under Threat?

More than a year ago, Malaysia, Turkey and Pakistan mooted the idea of creating the so-called “Moderate Muslim Block“, and I thought that it was a brilliant idea.

I don’t know whether the majority of right-minded Muslim leaders realise its importance. I was astonished by the level of acceptance amongst the Muslim internet users when they first heard about this notion. They were hopeful that these three prominent leaders of the Muslim world could at least be their alternative shoulders to be leaned if they didn’t have other choices. There were not many choices left for us anyway.

Malaysia, Turkey and Pakistan top leaders were seen discussing closely together at the backdrop of United Nations General Assembly in August of 2019.

But who could see this coming? None of us could. Who was the mastermind behind this genius chess play?

The clue is: “Why now? Why did this movement not happen before May of 2018?”

So, let me initiate a discussion about the inevitable turning point in our history. I am inviting you to ponder about the strategic importance of the recently held KL Summit.

Lest any negative views from the experts (of the geopolitics), I still do have a different perspective. It is like how Tun Dr Mahathir answered a question posed by Al Jazeera during an interview at the Doha Forum; he said, “if you were ignorant of the normal (things), you could do the abnormal things.” He answered with the phrase to explain why he chose to go against the conventional methods during the 1997 Financial Crisis.

Dr Mahathir received the first-ever Doha Forum award weeks before the Kuala Lumpur 2019 Summit. Emer of Qatar confirmed his attendance during the forum and congratulated Malaysia for organising such an important meeting.

KL Summit is another approach to go against conventional streams. All these years, since the fall of the Caliphate in the early 20th century, the Muslim ummah was oppressed, humiliated, and negatively perceived, making Islam as the most misunderstood subject in the modern era.

Then the problem became compounded. Our ummah faces tremendous pressure from the sceptics, therefore making a connection to the religion becomes utterly suspicious. Islam, or rather Muslims are now at the receiving end of massive casualties from a purported political miscalculation by the western powers. The ummah had almost lost their hope for a somewhat secured future when leaving their homes and adopting new cultures are seen as the only route to their survival. The vast majority of us have already denounced our conscience of truths and have already been moving towards embracing the falsehood, seeking approval from those who have the control over us. That is the unfortunate reality of Muslims in this era.

The Malacca Sultanate as illustrated by historian.

Having bemoaned and complained all these, what could a tiny nation do to change the root cause? We need to remember about the principle of “an insignificant small bird” who tried it’s very best to save Prophet Ibrahim PBUH when he was about to be catapulted into the blazing fire.

Indeed, Malaysia is a small country by any factual comparisons. You can search for Malaysia in any global rankings; you will find that this little Asian nation could easily fall into the category of mediocrity. At least, if you look from the context of conventional methodology. But who cares? Didn’t Tun Dr Mahathir say that, if you want to be successful, you have to become abnormal?

There is nothing to stop Malaysia or the Muslims from starting a small seismic wave. What more if the tide is for peace and prosperity, with the message of Rahmatan Lil Alamin?

The Malaysian King was accompanied by other honourable dignitaries of the KL Summit 2019.

Malaysia should be seen as the epicentre of revitalising the Islamic Civilization. Similar to the city of Madinah when Prophet Muhammad PBUH predicted that Islam could reach to some of the mightiest nations on earth, known to people at that time. It was during the Battle of Khandaq that our beloved Prophet prophecied that Islam would spread to Yemen, Rome and Persia. No one questioned the Prophet. Instead, they strived towards achieving the targets set by the Messenger of Allah.

The belief was that the Islamic Civilization would be revived. It is like the movement of a ball after its first bounce and then fell to the ground. It could soon be rebounded within a shorter period, probably for the last time. Only Allah Knows Best.

While hoping for the best, Muslims are almost close to the state of helplessness. None of us has a unique one hundred per cent independence from any of the outside powers. Malaysia, being a small state, amongst all of the other Muslims states (what more to compare against the superpowers), could probably be as well seen as like a fly or taking from a Malay proverb, just like “a mosquito”.

Malaysian 4th and 7th Prime Minister, Tun Dr Mahathir was seen performing his duty as the servant of Allah, together with other Muslims in Malaysia.

There could be of no significance whatsoever from the initiatives started by Malaysia. One should ignore what had just happened. But, like a mosquito, despite its size, it could somehow become an annoying creature, and sometimes could become a lethal threat to its prey, causing malaria or dengue.

Malaysia has one thing which no other Muslim countries have. Some countries might have a similar structure, but historically and traditionally it is not the same.

Malaysians still do have their Kings and Queens watching over them. It is following the constitution of the country and also states within the Malay States, of Malaysia. What makes Malaysia more unique, is that the Kings are determined through a traditional strict process of appointment, turn-by-turn, as agreed during the highest level of conference participated by all of the Malay Sultans of Malaysia, whom of course are also Muslims and the custodian of the Islamic affairs within the country of Malaysia.

The file picture of the enthronement of the current King of Malaysia.

There are no other Muslim nations who have the Sultans (managing their religious affairs) except for Malaysia and Brunei. And the Sultans, despite their lack of involvement in the process of governance, still do have a certain level of influence, especially towards the Malays or Muslims in Malaysia. More importantly, the Sultans and Kings of Malaysia are widely accepted as the heirs of the Royals who were favoured by the previous Islamic Caliphs of the Muslims before the era of Colonialism.

KL Summit is not a failure. The attendance of the Malaysian King and Queen, with the support from the Emir of Qatar, brought a certain level of anticipation and confidence from the Muslim Ummah. It is also a sign of hope for a better future. There could be a slim chance for the revival of an Islamic Civilization which could be as well from the east, as prophecied by the Prophet PBUH, despite many rejections on the possibility of it coming from the Nusantara (or South East Asia).

Top leaders of participating countries for the KL Summit were seen enjoying their presence at the conference centre near the Petronas Twin Towers, an iconic building in Malaysia.

Malaysia is a melting pot, and the non-Muslims here have been living side by side with the Malay Muslims since more than 800 years ago. It is like a natural habitat for a future global Islamic Civilization that would require human beings to live together in harmony, regardless of beliefs or faiths. Malaysia is the only multiracial and multifaith place on earth, which is governed by Muslims through a democratic process accepted by the norms of today. It has always been peaceful, except for external reasons such as wars or economic tensions. Other than that, Malaysia is a role model for other Muslim nations to follow.

There is no doubt that Malaysia was the first Muslim majority country that implements many moderate policies, since 50 years ago. At that time, other Muslim nations were busy searching for a collective identity and often torn in tribal conflicts or economic upheavals. As if it was a specific test from God, these nations were tested before they could again find a reason for success and happiness in this world.

After Malaysia, another two most successful Muslim majority nations were Turkey and Qatar, who have found it’s jubilation traces back in the early 2000s, ironically after the stepping down of the Bapa Pemodenan (The Father of Modernization) of Malaysia. But now, the Muslim Ummah is facing tremendous pressure to choose between the “reality” or a “fantasy”.

The reality is, our future is bleak. The fantasy is, our future could somehow turn out to be glorious and peaceful.

The City of Neom, as imagined by the architects, which will cost the Saudi Kingdom more than USD500 billion.

I had almost fell-down to the floor, screaming when I first heard that Saudi Arabia wanted to transform its Arabian Peninsula into another European Civilization. ‘Crying’ was the right word when the news about transforming the northern region of Arabia into a city, with the same size as New York, close to the border of Palestine broke out. The city could soon be opened to any citizens of the world, and they are free to practice their free lifestyles, similar to the western standard, again showing how Muslims could easily fall into the trap of the capitalists.

There are no signs of cooling down from what has happened to the Muslim Ummah. The leaders of OIC are sitting back, enjoying their wealth and trying to secure their positions for many more years to come.

So, where could the Muslims go and seek guidance from? Only to Mekah and Madinah during the pilgrimage period and pray only to Allah without any means to strive by themselves?

That is what we are told. If you are going against the tide, the so-called custodian of the Holy Mosques will not allow you to enter the holy cities. But they should not forget. That Allah is the All-Powerful at any time, anywhere and without any limitations. The true custodian of the Holy Mosques including at the Baitulmuqaddis is only Allah, and He alone is the Protector of Muslims. No other being could ever claim these places as theirs, even in their dreams.

Al Quran is the only scripture which remains pure and consistent throughout our history. This is the only valid reference for humanity.

That is why the KL Summit is a trendsetter and could be the seed of hope for the Ummah. We must not let our hope vanished into thin air, and expect that the whole world would open their arms and accept our cry for shelter and protection. Despite these hopes, the world as a whole is moving towards an antagonistic direction. But the prophecied end of times, which is no longer valid under the leadership of those who have invoked the wrath of Allah, will come, eventually.

As the Holy Quran has mentioned, that the Islamic faith will be spreading throughout every corner of the world. There had been no other era, except for this era, where Islam is spreading rapidly to the whole world, promising the global population of peace and prosperity.

Only time could tell. But Al Quran and Al-Hadith have foretold these notions, longer than the whole world have ever tried to decipher other mysteries. But no other faiths stranger to mankind than the mystery of truths in Islam, as it continues to be the fastest-growing religion, despite all efforts made since 1450 years ago, to eliminate its existence. Islam has now grown to more than 1.5 billion in numbers, of very dedicated followers even though others might have long abandoned their faiths and beliefs, except for some apparent groups of people.

I am writing this for the ummah, as an insignificant bird who is committed towards peace and prosperity. And it is with a deep love for peace and diversity that I end this article with a message of “Merry Christmas” to all Christian readers out there.

May peace and prosperity come to us all someday in the future.