The Rise of Nusantara (Part 3)

Malaysia and Indonesia as friends

Indonesian most anticipated Presidential Election in 2019 is just around the corner. This is the only election which draws me closer to trying to understand the Indonesian politics. It is one of the most interesting democratic countries in the world, and also the most populous Muslim nation on the planet earth. There is no doubt about that. It is also a scientific fact that the formation of the world was initiated from a series of volcanic eruptions on the Indonesian and Malaysian mountains, millions, if not billions of years ago.

In the previous articles on Nusantara, I have shared my prediction that Bapak Prabowo might have a real chance of winning the most anticipated PEMILU in April 2019. At the time of writing the first article, Tun Dr. Mahathir has just visited Indonesia for an official visit and Prabowo has just declared his intention to contest again.

Yet at that moment, I have predicted a reasonably good chance for Prabowo to win even without a running mate. Now, with a young and energetic running mate namely Sandi, I can now raise the ante and based on my analysis – predict that Bapak Jokowi might as well pull out from the race and better let Prabowo-Sandi win the election uncontested.

prabowo sandi
Prabowo-Sandi is looking great at producing positive results this upcoming PEMILU in Indonesia. Prabowo had tried before contesting against the former and current President of Indonesia, Bapak Jokowi, but he was not given explicit support by the majority of Indonesian especially the Muslims. According to the news items available online, Prabowo and Sandi are set to mark another history in Indonesia.

And the world is in turmoil. It is not because of a prophecized armageddon, an outbreak disease or an economic meltdown, but it is the Muslims World that is in the epicenter of turmoil. The Muslims are lagging behind with insecurities and are seldom treated justly by the international communities. The Muslims are becoming more and more like the victims of pickpocket while the whole world is focusing on the “anti-climax”.

I seriously feel that when Muslims are often put to blame for the crimes they did not commit, then sooner or later, the fanatism would emerge. It is exactly like what Tun Dr. Mahathir had said during the interview at the Oxford University, that when the Muslims are persecuted, it is not going to be beautiful for the whole world. Migration increases. Extremism will go on and rise. Protectionism might return. Anger cannot be contained. And even to a certain extent, another significant arms conflict might occur.

Malaysia and Indonesia is the home of moderate Muslims. The vast majority of Muslims in these two countries are the moderates and at the same time follow the fundamental of Islamic traditions. They perform their daily prayers, zakat (almsgiving), fasting during Ramadhan, and perform the Hajj (pilgrimage) every year. In fact, all Muslim nations from South East Asia when combined represents almost 1/4 of the whole pilgrims that go to Hajj every year. That is how populous the Muslims in South East Asia.

The exciting part of these unique nations of South East Asian Muslims is that they are “very polite.” Even if they are being punished for something that they didn’t commit such as human rights violation, they could still smile and pretend that nothing had ever happened. They don’t easily get carried away and wage war against the outsiders for nothing. And more importantly, they are very good at showing respect to others. These are the civilizations of Nusantara or the people of the sea (Orang Laut).

On the contrary, the Orientalists are very passionate. They came to Asia with a great hope to unify the world with an open and democratic system. They came, and they taught the Muslims in the South East Asian region on how to be developed and educated. These are the basics that every humanity requires, they say.

But the western Orientalists were wrong on just one aspect about the Asians especially the Nusantara people. They are smarter than they look because their emotional quotient prowess is undeniably higher and unpredictable.

Take the word “running amok” as an example. It came from the root Malay word “amok,” which is about getting unpredictably angry at something to the extent of mass killing or murder. The unpredictability is genuine because it just happens all the sudden without any signs of stress, panic or duress. This was first encountered by Captain James Cook in 1770s when he discovered a man who attacked villagers and animals furiously with frenzy rage before being killed by the authorities.

Geoffrey Robinson discusses “running amok,” and mass killings in a mini-documentary section of Retro Report called What History Can Teach Us About Mass Killings. Geoffrey is also quoted in an article by the New York Times which discusses the documentary and parallels between “amokers” and today’s mass killers in the United States¹. The picture illustrated above is clearly showing an “amoker” who is running while waving a keris (a traditional Malay dagger).

However, in normal circumstances, these people are friendly and able to show the highest level of politeness, patience, and steadfastness. What more if they are moderate Muslims who follow the original tradition of Islam with the highest level of quality absorbed from a vibrant Asian culture.

Indeed, Malays and Indonesians are from the same root. So are the Thais and the Philippines. They were all from the same origins, and it is normal for a Thai to be mistaken as a Malay, or a Malay to be mistaken as Filipino, or a Filipino to be mistaken as an Indo. The rest like Bruneian, Singaporean, and Burmese are also from a similar root with a mixture of Arabs, Chinese, Indians and other races within the vast Asian civilization.

So, when I say that the Nusantara is rising, it is not just a mere prediction based on gut-feeling or hope. But, it is based on historical facts, current context and the prophesized events as mentioned in the Islamic traditions and other holy scriptures. Although I am a person with a scientific background and trained as an engineer, and later work as a professional business leader, I am still optimistic that the geopolitical events are based on some prophecies mentioned by our beloved Prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h.)

Therefore, it is also within my most profound interest to investigate the current events and try to lay out a picture which may or may not be according to the messages sent down from the forefathers.

Let us not forget the two giants in South East Asian political arena who have left us all with a tremendous gift, which is the chance to participate in the world’s discussions and forums about peace, war crimes, economic visions, and political stability.

But we still have to look after our children and their future beyond our time. That is when we must lay the foundation for them to grow in a very peaceful manner, and avoid any conflict as much as we can. To do so, the Nusantara people must unite and become the force to be reckoned with, especially in the area of economy and education. It is also in the interest of time because the world is moving very fast towards scientific and technological advancement. If the Nusantara people are still dreaming just with the hope and based on general opinions about religious textbooks, then be ready with an inevitable failure!

In conclusion, Malaysia and Indonesia are set to reunite as brothers once again. If you ask me when and how? I do not have the answers just yet. But, be sure that these two nations are brothers, if not politically, but at least, at heart – they are all coming from the same origin, which is the world of paradise – the world of seawaters, and this is the world where the people of the east are coming up with an uprising!