Pokemon: The Gem of Legends (Part 1)

A long time ago, there was a legendary Pokemon called Arceus. Arceus was the guardian of fire, water, grass and standard types. There was also Dialga and Palkia guardian of time and space. Hoopa was master of rings and portals. Lugia was the guardian of flying types, and Latios and Latias were the guardians of dragon types.

Arceus is one of the greatest legends in the Pokemon series.

Groudon is the protector of the red orb, and Kyogre is the protector of the blue orb. Talking about Groudon and Kyogre, there is Raykuaza who is the one that keeps Kyogre and Groudon from fighting. Solgaleo is the protector of the sun, and Lunala is the protector of the moon. There are Mew and Mewtwo, and they both are the guardians of sidekick types.



Then, about 75 years later…

“Ash, will you please come down?” told mum.

Oh, you do not know who Ash is, well let me tell you all about him. Ash is 10 years old, and he is about to get his first Pokemon. He wears a hat all the time because he loves to wear hats. Ash lives in Kanto, and he is about to be a Pokemon trainer.

Ash came downstairs straight away and opened the door. Then he rode his bicycle. When he got to the professor’s lab, he got off his bike and went in the lab.

“Hi there Ash!” said Professor Oak.

“Hi!” replied Ash.

“What would you want for your starter Pokemon?” asked the professor.

“I want a Pikachu,” replied Ash.

Pikachu is being considered as one of the cutest characters in Anime.

“Luckily, I do have a Pikachu. Here you go!” answered Professor Oak, “Oh! And please have this as well, Ash!” he whispered in Ash’s ears.

“It is a gem. Why would he give me this?” thought Ash.

“Well, thank you Professor Oak, and see you later!” shouted Ash. So, after Ash got all his starter Pokemon, he began his journey.

(to be continued…)