Introduction to Oil and Gas: Part 3 (3/3)

Today when I woke up, I realised that I was at home and not outside in the forest. That is not unusual.

In my dream, I had a nice nap on a hammock at a beautiful tropical beach, and it had to be a “super white beach,” not some average beaches I can easily find in peninsula Malaysia! Coconut trees surrounded the pondok (hut) where I stayed, and beyond the secluded beach zone, there was a vast tropical forest with beautiful humming voices of birds and insects.

Langkawi Malaysia
White beach in Langkawi is being considered as the most beautiful place to escape the chaotic city life in Peninsula of Malaysia.

Then, I imagined what if I take a sip of a warm cup of tea while enjoying the breezing wind while enjoying the beautiful nature around me? Such things where you can only experience in Langkawi or Maldives? Not a far fetch imagination?

Well, that was just a dream. All of us have our own beautiful dreams! But, we are living in a painful reality where life is busy with works, and taking care of our own lives and families.

According to a recent report, about three-quarter of children living in the UK stayed outdoor lesser than prisoners! Ironically, it means that we are trapping our children inside a building and that is no different than sending them behind bars! Another report added that living in the countryside is more likely to make us happier than living in the city. The report also said that people who live in the countryside are more optimistic than the urbanites.

cats meow
Even a kitten can get myopia because of long hours of playing with tablets and smartphones!

So, what are these got anything to do with oil and gas? Yes, probably there is no connection at all. Or it could also be a significant relationship between these worrying trends.

In modern times, we are working very hard to upgrade our lifestyle into sophisticated and complex solutions that would benefit our lives such as robotic systems and smart digital solutions. These types of solutions would require a great deal of innovation from raw resources until the invention of consumer products.

The best innovation that we are dependent on every day is a digital gadget.

T shirts
Which colour do you like? T-shirts that are not made from cotton or wools are generally cheaper. That is not due to marketing, but merely costings for the right raw materials.

As an example, just by looking at a smartphone, we do not see any element of oil and gas contribution at first glance. What we could see only hardware (microchips, battery, screen, etc.) with software (Android, Microsoft, iOS) inside. The best we can think of is our amazement on how those engineers and coders came up with a super gadget like a smartphone!

They won’t be able even to assemble the microchip if there is no development in oil and gas sector!

I am not saying this out of bias. And, It is a bitter truth.

Gas is essential to generate power for the smartphone battery to charge and recharge over time. Petrochemicals are the core contributors to the modern invention such as the chemicals in the cell and other materials to provide the building blocks of the gadget such as microchips, cases and cables. Gasoline or oil, on the other hand, is very important to transport the materials, and deliver the final products to your doorsteps!

Therefore, if you wish to avoid the modern lifestyle and embrace greener technologies or save the environment, think again!

The truth is, we are confused between saving the environment by not using anything related to oil and gas or protecting our future by using them responsibly.

If glasses need to be recycled, why not we recycle plastic bottles as well? How about woods? Do we need to recycle woods too?

To wrap everything that I have said since the first part of this topic, I would like to balance the idea of preserving our natural resources such as beautiful forests and beaches and consuming the fossil fuels such as coals and oils. It is vital for us to use these innovative products that are invented utilising the oil and gas. But, we have to protect our environment too.

To balance the two, we should not be in a dilemma. All we need to do is be responsible for our life, do not waste our petrochemicals made goods, and recycle them. If even glass bottles we need to recycle, what more pet bottles and plastic bags!