Before The Dawn – Friday 13th

Part 1:

One day, there were three people who were called Nick, Jake, and Zak. These three people went camping.

Nick said, “let’s go camping in the woods”. Jake and Zak agreed. They drove to the woods and went out of the car. Nick, Jake, and Zak went in the woods and started camping. Nick was just getting some sticks. Jake and Zak were setting up a camp. When Nick went back to the camp, he threw all the sticks on the ground. Nick used his lighter to lit up a fire, and it worked. Jake brought some marshmallows to eat, and Zak brought some fishes to grill as well.

3 hours later, Nick heard a noise from the bushes, and it was 12 o’clock in the night. Nick went out and looked to the left, it was nothing, and the right was where the bushes were. Nick looked and looked and he saw a mask with holes on the sides, with a machete right beside it.

Nick went there and saw a note it said:

“If you wear the mask your name will be Jason, forever!”.

There was some writing on the back as well it said:

“and you will be recognized as a killer!”.

Jason and a mask
This was the guy who pushed Nick. He wore the same mask that was on the ground, and mysteriously related to a killer named Jason!

Meanwhile, someone pushed Nick and Nick got knocked out. When he woke up he was tied up. Scared, terrified, worried Nick saw a man wearing the same mask he saw on the ground before. Then Nick saw with his eyes the man putting the mask he saw before on the ground on his face…

To be continued…