500 Words: The Theory of Impossibility

Rolling the Dice Rolling the Dice

There is no probability in religion. Only in science.

If you are a faithful religionist, to you: Everything is preordained and what will happen, will always happen. What will not occur, will never occur. In maths, the calculation would be either 1 or 0. We call it The Matrix!

Probability Scale
The probability scale above shows how a mathematician calculates the probability of future occurrences.

In contrary, a believer of science or a math-theorist would say, let’s calculate the probability based on the collected data such as surveys, historical data or questionnaires. Scientists would never take any beliefs or dogmas as facts. In their methods, we can get the closest possible result to the “truth” based on one simple factor, the experience, and knowledge! Their conviction is that the knowledge must be based on the experience of experiments. Full stop.

As an example, a skilled and experienced football player (a striker) would have a much better chance to score a goal as compared to a less experienced and unskilled player. This is what we call, the hard work. Work and practice can increase the probability of our successes! This is evident in sports or education, where most people achieve successes through hard-work in practices and learning.

However, regardless of how much practices you have done, or how much efforts, you have put into your work or studies, there always somewhere deep in your heart, this “uneasy feeling” of uncertain.

We may wonder how Roberto Baggio felt when he was going to take a penalty kick in a World Cup Semi Final match? Or David Beckham psyche when he took a free kick in a crucial do or die match? Regardless of how much experience they have had, or how skillful they were – nobody knows what is going to happen and that what makes football an exciting game to watch.

Any football player would not know the result of the match even they know that they are strong enough to beat the opponent. A striker would not know the probability of scoring a penalty is always even. They will always have the feeling that the chance is 50:50 despite that the goalie is just a small little boy. They know that they are not in control of the final outcome. This (the feeling of powerless) is in every one of us, and the scientists call this as part of the psychological field of science.

The Question of Probability
If we ask ourselves some important questions, we would be able to put the answers between the impossible (0) or certain (1). Some things are impossible, for an example to live here in this world – forever! Some things are certain like death. The only thing we don’t know is when?

As a Muslim, we have to understand the concept of Qada & Qadar and also the concept of “Allah will never change a tribe’s condition until they themselves change their condition”
We have to work hard, do our best, but everything is still under Allah’s Power, under Allah’s Command. None is ours including the energy to work hard, including the urgency to work smart.

As long as we remember all these wholeheartedly, we will always be safe and sound!