The Mysterious Case of Calfee

War The scene of battle between The Darkus Armies and Mosteris and Menser.

Chapter 1: Menser Family

Once upon a time, Calfee was in the castle playing with his family. He was a charming young boy who loves to try new things. He had a cat called Aboo. His cat can speak the human language because Aboo was once a human who was cursed into a cat. Calfee also had a little brother called Caesar. Caesar was younger than Calfee and Aboo, but no one knows how old Aboo was. Caesar guessed that Aboo was about 15 years old, but Zarena told Calfee that Aboo should be more than 100 years old! Only Caesar believed Zarena.

Zarena was Calfee’s only sister. She was taller than Caesar despite her younger age. Caesar likes to poke Zarena when she was sleeping, but mysteriously Calfee was the only one who laughs. That was the first mysterious case of Calfee!

Calfee, Zarena, and Ceaser lived in a country called Menser. The king of Menser was Calfee’s father who was called the Great King Ekraoum. King Ekraoum was good at swimming, sword fighting, and archery. The Queen of Menser was Calfee’s mother who was called The Beautiful Queen Nurini. Queen Nurini was beautiful, pretty, and nice. She was the one who takes care of the poor people of Menser. She was also called The Mother of Menserian People!

Chapter 2: Unexpected Arrival

One day, another Kingdom that was called Mosteris came. Mosteris was very good at making things. Mosteris asked King Ekraoum if they could tell Knight Calfee something.

“Yes, you may talk to my son!” replied King Ekraoum.

“Thank you, your highness!” the messenger from Mosteris bowed down respecting the King of Menser.

So, the messenger from Mosteris went to see Knight Calfee at the Hall of Heroes. Calfee was busy playing sword fighting with his apprentice, Shaldow. Shaldow was a loyal apprentice who always follows Calfee wherever he goes.

“Your highness Knight Calfee, I am Bruim, the messenger of Mosteris would like to speak with you for a minute,” asked Bruim immediately after he walked into the hall.

“Wait there until I say you can come!” shouted Calfee while trying to play his wooden sword through Shaldow’s wooden shield. Shaldow was quick, but Calfee was quicker.

“Your highness, this is an emergency. I would not dare to tell your father about this!” said Brium.

“Okay, I will come! Wait there for a minute!” Calfee told Bruim to wait because he could not beat Shaldow’s defensive stance yet.

Bruim could not take it. He came and started to talk to Calfee.

“Calfee, we need your help instantly! Our kingdom is at the point of being attacked by Darkus Armies. Darkus Armies have marched towards our kingdom! Darkus has very powerful weapons like magic and dragons. They also have Orcs and Trolls on their side. We must act fast!” Bruim could not hold his patience.

Calfee stopped playing. He turned around and saw Bruim’s red face. Shaldow was surprised hearing what Bruim had just said.

Knight Calfee went outside straight away with his apprentice Shaldow. Knight Calfee called his army and said, “Go ride your horses! I’ll take my Phoenix!”

Knight Calfee has the ability to ride a Phoenix, a very rare mythical creature which was risen from the fire.

Chapter 3: Darkus Armies

When Knight Calfee arrived at the Mosteris Kingdom, Darkus armies were 10 miles away. Apprentice Shaldow was scared. Knight Calfee went to the Dragons and told the Phoenix to speak Dragon Language. Calfee’s Phoenix told the Dragons to come in the Menser and Mosteris Kingdoms side in Dragon Language. Suddenly the Dragons dived down and stand by Menser and Mosteris side. That was the second mysterious case of Calfee.

“Yaay!” shouted apprentice Shaldow. The armies of Menser and Mosteris cheered as they were victorious.

“It worked Knight Calfee,” said Shaldow.

Dragons and Phoenix
Calfee’s Phoenix flew over the Mosteris Kingdom and spoke to the leader of Darkus’ dragons.

So Knight Calfee asked his Phoenix to dive down to Menser and Mosteris and stand by their side. The Darkus Armies was coming nearer. Suddenly, The Darkus Trolls thrown stones at Menser and Mosteris Army. The Darkus Armies ran towards Menser and Mosteris Army. The Dragons started to breathe fire at the Darkus Armies. Loads of Darkus trolls had died and some of the Darkus Knights too.

“Kill them all!” shouted The Captain of The Darkus Armies.

The Orcs split in half. Half of the Orcs went to attack the Menser’s side and the other half went to attack the Mosteris’ side. Knight Calfee fought the Orcs with his bare hands. He did not even use his sword and bow. That’s the third mysterious case of Calfee.

The scene of the battle between The Darkus Armies against Mosteris’ and Menser’s Armies.

Chapter 4: The Sad Death Of Bruim

After hours of fighting, finally, Darkus Armies had been defeated. Darkus had retreated and left the battlefield. Some of Menser’s Army had been injured but some had died. Knight Calfee heard that some of the Mosteris Army had died and one of them was Bruim.

“How did that happen?” asked Knight Calfee to the King of Mosteris.

“He tried to save apprentice Shaldow from getting stabbed, instead Bruim got stabbed!”

“That was very sad to hear because Bruim had been the guy who told me about the war,” replied Calfee. Apprentice Shaldow was crying because Bruim saved him.

Apprentice Shaldow was crying because Bruim saved him from getting stabbed.

“No need to be crying because the war had just begun!” said The King of Mosteris. “This is far from over!” said Knight Calfee.

To Be Continued…