A Holiday in Sweden (Part 4)

Lakes Sweden is blessed with lakes, and this is one of the amazing lakes we have seen in Sweden.

Hey guys! I am doing “A Holiday In Sweden Part 4” because I want to write more! So, let’s get started!

My dad said to me that I needed to go to sleep first. Then my dad is going to tell me what we’re going to do tomorrow! So, I closed my eyes and I slept. I dreamt of nothing so I was very sad that I didn’t dream about anything!

The next morning, I was imagining that I would ride horses and do something fun but then, my dad said: “Go get a little bath, Nur!”

Then, I said: “Okay daddy!”

So, I went to the bathroom with my towel, and I wondered about me riding Helen’s horses! First, I brushed my teeth and then I combed my hair, and after that, I went in the shower and got a little bath!

But, my little brother keeps opening the door which was very annoying. So, I said to my little brother: “Please just stop annoying me!”

Then, my little brother said: “Why should I stop doing this?”

Then, it became very funny!

After that, my little brother ran away and I came out of the shower. The water was very cold. Then, I got my clothes and changed! Wow! That took a very long time!

Finally, I got my breakfast and then I said to my big brother: “What should we play later big brother?”

Then, my big brother said: “We should play in the back garden after this, is that okay?”

Then, I said: “Okay!”

Milk in Sweden is called Mjölk, and in Scotland is called, well – “Milk”!

After that, I got some cereal with fresh milk. The milk was very interesting because it tasted like very unusual milk. It tasted different than the milk in Scotland! I still ate the cereal though.

Then, I asked my dad: “Where is mom?”

My dad said: “Mom has gone to work!”

“Really?” I said.

“Yes, that’s right Nur!” my dad replied.

So, I got ready to go to the back garden. When I was ready to go to the back garden with my big brother, my little brother went out too! I was very worried about my little brother because he had a cold so he actually can’t go out of the house or outside!

My big brother said: “Why are you out here little brother?”

“Umm!” said my little brother. “I actually don’t know!” he added.

Then, I said: “It’s okay little brother! Let’s play guys!”

“Okay!” said my big brother.

Hut outside
We played outside and built our own hut!

Suddenly, we saw someone riding a white horse. I was very very shocked! Then, my dad said: “Come on in everyone! Because I need to tell you something!”

My little brother said: “Okay daddy!”

I was wondering, why he needed to talk to all of us? So, I just came in the house and listened to my dad. He said, “We are going to pick up mom, and then we are going to do something really fun!”

“What?!” shouted my big brother.

“Yes! That’s right!” said my dad. “You should be amazed!” he added.

“Dad, I wonder what fun things we’re going to do later?” I said.

“Well, you’ll see,” replied my dad.

We all got ready to go and pick up my mom. I know why you all are wondering why we were just picking up our mom? It’s because we were very late for something. If you want to know, just please read on!

Sweden is blessed with lakes, and this is one of the amazing lakes we have seen in Sweden.

So, we went on our blue car and we went to pick up our mom. On the way, I saw lots of lakes and then we arrived at my mom’s university. We waited for mom. Finally, my mom arrived with her friend in a car. It wasn’t Helen that was driving the car, it was someone else. We all came home and my mom went to text someone. I was very surprised when my mom said to me: “I wanna tell you something, Nur!”

But, then my little brother interrupted us by saying: “Mom! I really need to go to the toilet!”

“Nur, go and help your little brother!” said my mom.

“Oh! Okay, mom!” I said very frustratingly.

So, I went to the toilet with my little brother and I did everything that I needed to. After that, I said to my mom quietly: “What’s the matter, mom?”

She said: “We are going to ride Helen’s horses when everyone is ready!”

I was astonished about what my mom had just said.

“OMG! OMG!” I shouted.

Then, my little brother and my big brother came inside the room and they asked: “What’s going on?”

And, I said that we are going to ride Helen’s horses, so get ready! Then, my little brother ran to my dad saying happily: “Dad! We are going to ride Helen’s horses!”

“Yes I know, let’s get ready!” he said.

So, we all got ready and went to the farm. When we arrived, Helen was waiting for us with her friend. I was very scared about riding Helen’s horses because they are very big!

Helen said: “Hello!”

I said: “Are we going to ride your horses, Helen?”

Then, Helen said: “Yep, so who’s going to go first?”

And my big brother said: “Me!”

Riding a horse
Little brother was seen smiling while riding Akira, the “big working horse” at Helen’s farm.

So, we all watched my big brother riding Akira. But then, it was my turn and I needed to be brave so Helen helped me go on Akira, and I got a little ride around the barn. It was very bumpy and I felt like being a giant! My mom took pictures of me and my dad took videos of me and Akira. Suddenly, I felt that I was nearly going to fall but Helen caught me safely.

Then, I got off the horse and it was my little brother’s turn. So, we all watched him sitting down on Akira bravely. “Wow!” I said to myself. “He’s so brave!”

Then, my mom said to Helen: “Thank you very much, Helen!”

And, we all came back home and rested very peacefully.

To be continued…