Suspense Thriller: The Hitchhiker

The Hitchhiker The Hitchhiker

Chapter 1: The Journey

Nick Atom does not believe in ghosts. Nick Atom is strong, majestic and loves archery. Nick Atom’s hair is blue and spiky. His eyes are blue, and he wears a red shirt and blue jeans. Nick Atom is 21 years old and knows how to drive.

Happily, Nick Atom was packing to travel to his best friend’s house. He is called John Price. He is going to have a holiday with his friend. Atom will be staying at John Price’s house for a month.

As Nick Atom started to drive, he noticed the weather. The weather was nice, cheerful and sunny. Suddenly, the weather changed. It became stormy weather.

All of a sudden, thunderstruck! But he still needed to continue his journey. He saw a tree burning. There were loads of trees, but only one tree was burning. Nick Atom was so scared of driving, so he drove slowly.

Chapter 2: The Hitchhiker

Sadly, the weather got worse and worse and worse! Suddenly, Nick saw a teenager at the side of the road. The teenager was soaking wet. He had a red-orangey hat. Nick stopped and asked him to come in. The teenager was kind of wet. Nick felt scared, worried and cautious. Nick needed to calm down.

“What age are you?” said Nick.

“I’m 18 years old.” whispered the teenager.

“What were you doing out there?” cried Nick.

“I was lost in the streets.” answered the teenager.

“Where are you going?” squealed Nick.

Instead, the teenager asked Nick, “where are you going?”

“Well, I’m going to my friend’s house in town.” replied Nick nervously.

“Don’t go into town!” shouted the teenager.

“Well, that was strange?!” Nick spoke to himself. But when he turned to the teenager, the teenager vanished into thin air. Nick was frightened and worried. Nick spoke to himself was that a dream?

Chapter 3: The Message

Astonished, worried and frightened, Nick continued until he found a service to stop and rest.

“What just happened?” squealed Nick.

“Did the teenager opened the window and jump out?” cried Nick.

Then, Nick stopped at a hotel.

When Nick took out his phone, he got a message from -01341263321. The text said, “Don’t go into town!”

Nick was so scared and worried, his phone shut down by itself. Nick needed to talk to someone.

Nick ran to the reception and told the receptionist everything. Nick told that he picked a  teenager up, and then the teenager vanished.

“So, I came here to rest and to calm down,” said Nick.

The receptionist was shocked, and the receptionist replied, “That happened to me once!”

Chapter 4: The Lucky Escape

Quietly the receptionist told Nick about the hitchhiker. The receptionist told that the hitchhiker died when he was 17 years old. The hitchhiker died saving someone. The hitchhiker’s name is Bob McElty. Bob died in a building that was going to blow up. Even now as a ghost, he wants to save people. Bob was so heroic that even I am sad about what happened to Bob.

“I wish he was still alive!” cried the receptionist.

“Bob died saving someone in a building that was going to blow up?” Nick said to himself.

“So Bob is a good ghost,” replied Nick.

“That’s exactly right,” told the receptionist.

“Oh, by the way, my name is Tom Alan,” whispered Tom.

After hearing the sad news, Nick decided to phone his friend and say, “I’m not going to your house tonight”. John Price moaned, “I’ll go watch the new Alien 5 movie by myself then!”

After a restful and peaceful sleep, Nick woke up as fast as lightning. He went in his car and went to his friend house straight away. When Nick arrived at the house, the house has been exploded. The house was destroyed.

Nick talked to the policeman, “what happened!” shouted Nick.

“There was a bomb in the house and Price didn’t know,” said the policeman.

Nick was worried that John Price was dead, but then he saw John Price coming from another house. “Phew!” Nick said.

“Where were you?” cried Nick.

“I was at my mom’s house!” shouted Price.

“If I was in the house, I’d be dead!” Nick thought.

As soon as the house was fixed, Nick and Price can live in it. So, Nick and Price went to watch the new Alien 5 movie. If Nick was in the house, if Nick hadn’t called his friend, if Nick hadn’t picked up the hitchhiker, then both of them would be dead.