Minecraft: The End

Dragon An illustration of "Ender Dragon" which is one of the most awesome bosses in Minecraft.

Chapter 1: End Portal

One day Steve and Alex went in a cave because they wanted to find an Enderman. They wanted an Ender Pearl. After hours of searching, Steve found an Enderman near the lava. Steve called Alex and both of them killed it. So now they have two Ender Pearls.

Steve and Alex went back to the house and crafted an Ender Eye. First, try they flung the Ender Eye and it sparkled.

“Yaaay”, said Alex.

“First try!” shouted Steve. So both of them dug a little stairway all of a sudden they found a stronghold. That’s when they found the End Portal. Steve put in the Ender Eye in the spare space. It lighted up so Steve went in the portal then Alex.

An illustration of “Ender Dragon” which is one of the most awesome bosses in Minecraft.

Chapter 2: The Ender Dragon 

Steve and Alex spawned in a place where they were surrounded by End Stones. So Steve dug upwards and found the Ender Dragon. Alex saw it as well. Steve and Alex were ready for this. Steve got his Enchanted Diamond Sword and Alex got her Enchanted Bow. Alex shot first. At the End Crystal. After that, she shot all the other End Crystals. Steve fought the Ender Dragon. After hours of fighting. Steve finally killed the Ender Dragon.

“Hooray!” screamed Alex.

“That’s what you call a real hero!” shouted Steve. Both of them got the experience. But instead,  another portal showed up. Not an End City portal that usually shows up. So Steve and Alex went into the portal.

To Be Continued…