Minecraft: The Nether

Nether This is the how the Nether Portal looks like

Chapter 1: The Wolfs

Today in the Minecraft world, Steve and Alex found a wolf in the forest biome. Steve only had 7 bones and Alex had 5. All of a sudden, another wolf came. So, Steve and Alex tamed the wolfs.

Steve dyed his dog’s collar. The dog’s collar was blue. Alex dyed her dog’s collar as well. The dog’s collar was magenta. Steve and Alex brought their dogs back home.

This is Steve’s Dog as illustrated by AR Kashfi.

Chapter 2: Into The Nether

Steve and Alex got their pickaxes and enchanted them. Steve had 20 experience and Alex had 17 experience. Now they both had enchanted pickaxes. They went into the ravine beside them. Steve and Alex fell in the water.

“Let’s split up!” told Steve.

“No! We might need each other’s help,” replied Alex.

So, both of them agreed not to split up. Steve had 8 obsidian and Alex had 4 obsidian. They both went back to the house and made a nether portal. As to make a nether portal, you need to dig two blocks sideway and put in the obsidian. Beside it, you need to put 4 blocks up and 4 blocks for the other side as well. On top of it, you need to put the 2 other obsidian sideways opposite the bottom one. I don’t know. This is just my opinion how to build a Nether Portal!

So, Steve did it. Alex as well. So, both of them went in the Nether. They saw Pigmans and Ghasts. Steve saw a Nether Fortress and said, “Let’s go in it!” to Alex.

“Yes, let’s get some Blaze Rods!” shouted Alex.

So, Steve and Alex went to the Nether Fortress and killed 20 Blazes. Steve had 10 Blaze Rods, and Alex had a Blaze Rod. So, both of them went through the Nether Portal and went back to their houses.

Nether and Pickaxe
This is the note written by AR Kashfi for his readers and fans out there.

To be continued…