A Holiday In Sweden (Part 3)

Nur Kashfi Nur and Kashfi are having fun

Chapter 5:

It was already evening and we needed to sleep. We ate our delicious dinner, brushed our teeth and then I got to bed and slept.

Chapter 6:

Nur collected some flowers and put them on the bench

The next morning, I opened my eyes and I watched the cows eating their yummy breakfast and the horses eating hay. I loved the way that the farm was so big and so beautiful! Then my mom called me for breakfast. My mom said”Nur, can you come for breakfast, please!”

Then I said, “okay mom but after this can we please go somewhere.”

Then my mom said “okay,” so I went for breakfast. For my breakfast, I got cereal and cookies! It was very yummy! I said “mmm!”

Lake in Sweden
This is the lake Nur went to see with Helen

After that, my dad said, “Let’s go to the lake. Helen said it is nearby so….”

Then I said,”let’s go!”

So everyone got ready and we all got in the car and my dad drove to the lake nearby.

Chapter 7:

When I was in the car, I saw lots of birds and shops. It was wonderful!! At last, we arrived at the lake. When I saw the lake, the lake was beautiful!! My mum took pictures and my little brother played with the rocks.

Lake and Rocks
Nur and AR Kashfi played Throwing Rocks at the Sea

I played with my little brother. What I played was called “Throwing Rocks At The Sea”. I competed with my little brother. Finally, I won!”Hooray!!” I said.

“Hooray!!” I said and my little brother said, “well done!”

Chapter 8:

I smiled at my little brother and my little brother smiled at me.

My big brother said, “what were you playing?”

I said, “we are playing Throwing Rocks at the Sea!”

The lake
AR Kashfi, Nur, and Abdulla were playing by the lake
View from one of the lakes when it is getting dark.

After that, my dad said, “we better go home or else it will be too late!” It was already turning into the evening so we came back in the car and went back to the farm and got in our house. I changed my clothes and I said to my mum, “what are we having for dinner today?”

Then my mum said, “we are having rice.”

I ate the rice that my mum gave me.

After that I said to my dad, “what are we going to do tomorrow?”

The view
The view from where Nur was thinking about her stories

to be continued…