Minecraft: The Start

Chapter 1: Once Upon A Time.

Once upon a time, there was a guy called Steve. Steve’s shirt was blue and his trousers are purple. The first thing Steve needed to do is get some wood. So, Steve got 32 wood. Steve started to make his house. Steve wanted to make his house modern. So Steve needed to collect some stuff.

One fine day, a player joined the game. The player was called Alex. Alex was a girl. Alex has a green shirt and brown jeans. So, Steve found Alex.

“Who are you?” said Steve.

“My name is Alex” squealed Alex.

Steve wears a blue shirt and purple pants. He likes to smile while digging diamonds in the Minecraft world created by AR Kashfi – illustration by AR Kashfi.


Chapter 2: Diamonds!

Steve and Alex went in a cave which was full of iron and coal. Steve mined the iron and Alex mined the coal. Steve and Alex had a furnace. So they could get the iron ingot. Steve and Alex now have their own Iron Pickaxe. So Steve and Alex tried to find diamonds.

2 hours later, Steve found 32 diamonds. So did Alex. When they combined, it became 64 diamonds. How good is that? As soon as they went to their house, they got Diamond Armour and Diamond Tools.

To be continued…