Here are what Malaysian politics should learn from the latest UK General Election early seats results.

UK GE 2017 Analysts predict that UK will see another possible hung parliament when the majority held by Conservatives previously are reduced.

As of 3:30 am London time today, Labour Party is leading the exit polls results by 101 early seats, leaving Conservative Party behind with 71. Analysts are predicting that Conservatives may have to “kiss goodbye” their hope for having a comfortable majority. Mrs. May needs to start worrying about how she can form a stable government should there become a hung parliament.

UK GE 2017
Analysts predict that the UK will see another possible hung parliament when the majority held by Conservatives previously are reduced.

Regardless of the final results, the reality remains unchanged in the United Kingdom. Market analysts are still going to watch closely how the government would handle all issues especially the Brexit matter. Then, how are leftists politicians planning to implement all their promised manifestos? What is more important to us Malaysians here is the continuation of UK’s previous international policy. What would Malaysian government do in order to maintain its position as the strongest ally of the Great Britain? Would they be pleased if the leftists in Malaysia were to gain similar momentum?

Malaysians are waiting for the 14th General Election to be held in less than 12 months.

Back in our home country Malaysia, the 14th general election is around the corner. For the majority of Malaysians who are already fed-up with politics, elections are just like a nonsense football match which (is in fact) can be fun to watch, but will never give you any direct benefits as spectators! Except for the pleasure of pleasing your ego when your supported teams are winning. The only worst situation is when your team is at the bottom of the league, but keep having the biggest dream!

Malaysian politics are going nowhere. In contrary, the politics in Malaysia are everywhere! Look at the news! As a result, the voters are having trouble to decide what is best for them, which with or without the politicians, their fate are still going to be the same.

But, there will be no change unless the change starts from ourselves. As I have told you before.

So, what if there was a glimmer of hope that this coming GE14 in Malaysia might bring real change to the landscape of politics in Malaysia? What if that there were hope?

Malaysia's Election Process
Improvement of the election process is crucial to provide the best outcome of an election.

I hope that Malaysian politics should at least learn one or two things from the UK here, which might give us a little bit of resolute.

Below are some of the points we might want to consider.

First is the integrity of the election process. We have heard various feedbacks from the parties involved in the general elections previously. I do not have any comments towards any parties, but we have to ensure that the commissions involved in overseeing and conducting the process of an election are considered to be non-biased. This is very crucial regardless! It is not only important that the election is fair, but it also has to be seen as fair by the voters.

Secondly, the voters must learn how to get the right information with regards to all of the issues concerning the Malaysian politics. We must read and understand the information provided by all sides. We must be fair to ourselves and do not get too biased by certain ideologies or dogmas. As Malaysians, we must be fair to all parties – regardless of the context or situation.

Thirdly, the government of the day must avoid using the government assets or non-political machinery to gain political mileages in the hope of winning an election. I would call this as third world mentality because developed nations would not use this method to win anything, not even for a football match! What more to win an election.

Forth, Malaysians should start to change themselves – and it has to start from you and I. We should start to educate our children about what is happening in the world today. Teach them how to read well. Let them ask questions to you and others. This way, if the changes do not happen tomorrow, it may soon happen in the future. Changes here does not mean a change as to which party should be the government of Malaysia, but more of changing the mentality and attitude.

The reason being, without change of mentality and attitude, regardless who won the election – the issues and problems that we are facing today, would still remain – and will not go anywhere!

Finally, the younger generations of Malaysia should start learning to love each other and avoid labeling people based on their race or religion. That is not good as a developing nation. We are all the same because our requirements or basic needs are always the same! We all need education, a place to stay, food to eat, water to drink, clothes to wear and the love to feel inside of our hearts. I think, there is no one in this world would like to live a life that is full of hatred and sadness.

I, for once do believe that we still have a glimmer of hope. We can put our hope at least to Allah s.w.t. the Almighty, that one fine day – the whole world would be in peace, without any fear or hatred out towards each other. God Willing.

May this Ramadhan month bring us all blessings and happiness.