Alien 3

Chapter 1: The Alien Queen’s Escape

The Predators followed the Marines back to the Marines base.

“So where do you live?” Nick asked.

“We live on a planet called Predatoryam until the aliens destroyed it” cried the Predators.

“It’s okay. Do you want to live with us?” Emma said.

“Yes, please!” shouted the Predators.

Nick and his friends and the Predators came outside. When they saw a whole army of Xenomorphs. The Predators got their guns. The Marines got their armor. The Xenomorphs ran to the Marines base and the Marines marched to the Xenomorphs. The Xenomorphs killed almost every Marine except Nick, Bob, Tom, Arnold, Emma and the Predators. They killed hundreds of Xenomorph when they saw the Alien Queen!

Xenomorph and Predator
The picture of Xenomorph and Predator as illustrated by AR Kashfi

The Alien Queen was 20 foot tall. The tail was 15 metres long and the tongue was 10 metres long.

Thousands of Facehuggers came out of the ship. Nick, Bob, Tom, Arnold, Emma and the Predators ran to the Alien Queen and tried to kill but it was too strong. Nick put C4s around the Alien Queen’s feet. When Nick and his friend and the Predators came back to the base Nick blew up the C4s. Nick saw the explosion and it was chaos! The Alien Queen ran back to the spaceship and flew off to space because it was hurt.

Chapter 2: Thank You

Nick was happy that the Aliens were gone. But Nick knew they would come back.

Nick said “Thank you!” to the Predators and the Predators left Earth as well. Nick and his friend partied all day long.

The End.