Alien 2: The War

alien war

Alien War (image: credit to

Chapter 1: The War

When the war started everybody panicked except for the Marines.

As you can see Nick’s friends are good at something as well. So, Bob Smith is good at using a flamethrower. Tom Watson is good at killing Facehuggers. Arnold Connerly is good at throwing electric spears at Xenomorphs. Emma Grant is good at killing Chesbusters.

Nick and his friends killed so many Xenomorphs.

Chapter 2: The Predators

Then The Marines saw another ship landing. This time it was white and black. It looked like a spaceship. It was the same as the other alien ships but this time the banner on the ship said “Predators”.

“Let’s go see what’s in it!” shouted Nick.

Nick’s friends followed him. In the spaceship, they saw weird creatures. They had swords, spears, and guns.

“Kill them” Nick whispered to his friends. But it was too late. The Predators spotted Nick and his friends.

“Aaaaaark!” shouted the Predators.

“Run for your life guys!” Nick screamed to his friends. Nick and his friends ran for their lives.

Chapter 3: The Alien Queen.

“Phew! I think we lost them” said Emma. But Arnold knew where they were. They were in the Aliens nest.

“Um guys, I think we’re in the Aliens nest” whispered Arnold.

“Oh no! We’re in trouble” whispered Tom.

“Shusssh” whispered Nick. “We need to stay quiet guys” whispered Nick.


As soon as they turned around, they saw thousands of Facehuggers. Nick and his friends tipped toed through the nest when they were at the end. The Alien Queen spotted them.

“Run!” shouted Nick.

All the Facehuggers and Xenomorphs chased after them. Then Nick saw the Predators throwing their spears at the aliens. Nick reached the Predators and said, “Thank you!”

“No problem. But don’t sneak on us ever again” said The Predators.

The Predators looked like a human but has ancient drawings on its body.

Nick said, “Are you, good Predators?”.