A Holiday in Sweden (Part 2)

Horse in Sweden
Nur gave food to Akira.

Chapter 4:

Then Helen showed us the horses barn. When I saw it, it smelled very smelly. Hehe.

I only saw hay and the horses equipment. I liked it a bit but it was okay.

After that Helen got some horse food. Their food was carrots!!! I was a bit scared to feed them but I must be brave. Helen said, “go feed the horses please.” And then I said, “Okay”.

First Helen showed us how to feed the horses. Then my big brother tried to feed the horses first.

He gave the food to the horses and the horses ate the carrots. Then it was my turn. I was very scared so I gave the small carrots to my big brother and my big brother fed them. After that, we all came home and rested.

Chapter 5:

Robert, the Ginger Cat trying to get some food.

After we rested, Helen told us what one of the cats’ name was. The cat was a Ginger cat. It was very fluffy and very cute! The cats live in the storeroom. The Ginger cat was called Robert. I think there were four cats. One of the cats was grey. Another one was black. There was also another grey cat!

They were so cute and lovely! At first, the cats were very scared of us because we were very new to them. But later on, the cats got used to us.

Robert sitting on a chair relaxing.