Chapter 1:

One day a ship landed on Earth in 2027. Everybody stared at the ship when they saw an alien called a Facehugger. Everybody ran for their life. Except one brave man that tried to save his family.

The man died by a Facehugger that looked like a spider. Eventually, the man died because the Facehugger put poison liquid in his body so a Chestbuster came out of his chest. Blood was everywhere.

10 weeks later the Chestbuster turned into an  Xenomorph. A Xenomorph is 8 foot tall. The tail is 2 metres long. And the tongue is 30 centimetres long.


Chapter 2:

Nick is a strong, majestic man. He killed 500 Xenomorph and today he killed 50 Chestbusters. The Xenomorph is so fast that it goes 50 miles per hour. Nick’s friends are called Bob Smith, Tom Watson, Arnold Connerly, Emma Grant.

Then a bell rang. It sounded like an Alien attack. Loads of Facehuggers jumped at people’s faces. The people called the Marines. The Marines were Nick and his friends. That’s when the war started.