A Holiday In Sweden

Chapter 1:

One day my mom needed to go to Sweden. Oh! I forgot to tell you about me!

Hi, my name is Nur Zulfa Imani. You can also call me Nur! I live in Glasgow with my mom, dad, big brother and little brother.

One day my mom needed to go to Sweden. My mom said to my dad that we all can come, so we all packed up and went on the car to Edinburgh Airport. We did anything that we needed to go on the aeroplane.

On the aeroplane, we ate a small slice of cake. It was very yummy! We were very near Sweden. The aeroplane landed in Sweden.


Chapter 2:

I was very excited. We went to get a new car. It took a while to get our new car. After that, we drove to my mom’s friend’s house. When we arrived at my mom’s friend’s house, I was very tired because it was already midnight. We saw my mom’s friend. She was called Helen.


We came in my mom’s friend’s house and Helen talked all about what is dangerous and what is not. After Helen talked about that, we slept in one of the rooms. It was a long day.

Chapter 3:


I woke up in amazement! Helen’s house was in a farm! I saw all the cows, the horses, and the whole farm! I was very excited to ride some horses. My mom took a picture of the cows and then I saw cats!

I tried to play with the cats, but they always run away from me. It’s okay, they are getting used to me. Then Helen came and knocked on the door. Helen was living with her mom and dad while we are at her house. After that, Helen told us what her horses’ names are. The horses’ names are Sapa, Ova, Akira, Asterix and Diago. I loved their names.