Selamat Hari Raya, Eid Mubarak!

I haven't made any Official Raya announcement to date because I was busy eating kuih raya and some ketupat rendangs. By the way, rendang is one of my favorite dishes! Haha! Hmm... Although the Raya 'mood' has slowly been replaced with other more important events such as Summer Holiday and Puasa EnamĀ (sunnah fasting for 6... Continue Reading →


500 Words: Why Proton is the darling of Malaysians?

If it is not for Proton, there will be no atom? Well, that's what a scientist would say. But, for me - Proton is not a mediocre car maker. Proton is bigger than just a "car company". It was a great strategicĀ move! Back in the 1980s, when other Muslim countries were still struggling to develop... Continue Reading →

Kasih Azlina – Episod 2

Scene 4: Langgar Lari Dari jauh kelihatan sebuah kereta berjenama Lamborghini diberhentikan di hadapan rumah Ezlyn. Seorang lelaki tampan dan segak keluar dari kereta tersebut sambil menguiskan rambutnya yang ikal ke belakang. Baju kemeja-T biru yang dipakai oleh lelaki itu, kelihatan begitu sesuai dipakai olehnya, seakan diperagakan oleh seorang model dari negara Itali untuk jenama... Continue Reading →

Kasih Azlina – Remake

This is a remake of Kasih Azlina, a Malay novel which I wrote between 1999-2004 at when I was the administrator of Cerpen segment there (under the nickname of Alpine2). was once touted as the most popular Malay online site for netizens during that period of time. The remaining original story which was once published at under the same title... Continue Reading →

A Holiday in Sweden (Part 4)

Hey guys! I am doing "A Holiday In Sweden Part 4" because I want to write more! So, let's get started! My dad said to me that I needed to go to sleep first. Then my dad is going to tell me what we're going to do tomorrow! So, I closed my eyes and I... Continue Reading →

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