I haven’t made any Official Raya announcement to date because I was busy eating kuih raya and some ketupat rendangs. By the way, rendang is one of my favorite dishes! Haha!

Hmm… Although the Raya ‘mood’ has slowly been replaced with other more important events such as Summer Holiday and Puasa Enam (sunnah fasting for 6 days in the month of Syawal), this is not going to stop me from entering another article about Hari Raya. Well, it is not going to be a very long entry, believe me. I have some ketupats and rendangs to eat. Err, that does not sound right. I should have started my puasa enam already!


If it is not for Proton, there will be no atom? Well, that’s what a scientist would say. But, for me – Proton is not a mediocre car maker. Proton is bigger than just a “car company“. It was a great strategic move!

Chapter 1: Menser Family

Once upon a time, Calfee was in the castle playing with his family. He was a charming young boy who loves to try new things. He had a cat called Aboo. His cat can speak the human language because Aboo was once a human who was cursed into a cat. Calfee also had a little brother called Caesar. Caesar was younger than Calfee and Aboo, but no one knows how old Aboo was. Caesar guessed that Aboo was about 15 years old, but Zarena told Calfee that Aboo should be more than 100 years old! Only Caesar believed Zarena.

Chapter 1: The Journey

Nick Atom does not believe in ghosts. Nick Atom is strong, majestic and loves archery. Nick Atom’s hair is blue and spiky. His eyes are blue, and he wears a red shirt and blue jeans. Nick Atom is 21 years old and knows how to drive.

Happily, Nick Atom was packing to travel to his best friend’s house. He is called John Price. He is going to have a holiday with his friend. Atom will be staying at John Price’s house for a month.

Just by reading the title of this article, you might be thinking that this is either about politics or religion. Am I right?

I am not a fan of politics, but I am very careful when discussing my own religion. In fact, I have to be careful when talking about any religion at all. This is because I am not an “Alim” (plural: Ulama) as normally the people call those scholars who have a strong understanding of Islamic religion in my home country Malaysia.

This special edition of “Proud to be Malaysian” is dedicated to the people of Malaysia who are seeking the truth about their beloved country, whether it is really the right place to stay or otherwise. It is also initiated as a reminder to us how grateful we should be as a Malaysian, especially towards the celebration of Merdeka on 31st August 2017. As for me, Malaysia is the nicest place and I am not biased. There are rooms for improvement within the systems or policies here and there, but in overall – Malaysia is a nice place! Alhamdulillah.